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You keep setting goals, and coming up short.

It's not (totally) your fault, and you're definitely not alone.

Soft30 is your 30-day accountability system to build the habits & systems, that will allow you to create the life you know you deserve.

Why 30 days? Anyone can do something for 30 days. Especially when you have a community behind you.

And that's what Soft30 is all about. Taylor has Swifties. We have Softies.

...unless you complete 100 consecutive days that is. Then you officially become #NotSoft.

You ready?

Our new cohorts start every month. Sign up now to secure your spot for next month.

Prove to yourself you can do this. Prove to yourself that you're not soft 😉

You're doing it for you, but you're not doing it alone 🥳

Join the Soft30 community now 😤

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the habits you're building in the Fundamentals Accountability System?

  1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes. Everyday.
  2. Read at least 10 pages in a book. Everyday.
  3. Drink at least 128oz of water. Everyday.

Q: What are the habits you're building in the CYOA Accountability System?

  • That's up to you. CYOA = Choose Your Own Adventure.
  • You bring the goal, we bring the accountability.
  • But whatever you choose, you must do it every day.

Q: When does each program start?

  • We kick off a new cohort at the start of every month.
  • Join now to secure your spot for next month.

Q: How does it actually work?

Once enrolled, you'll be invited to our Slack community. The community is maybe the most important part of this system. Everyone understands the concept behind accountability partners. Now you have an accountability community.

There is a different channel for the Fundamentals program, and the CYOA program. This is where you'll update the community on your daily progress. There will be a workflow (form) built into the Slack channel for you to use each day to show that you did the thing!

It takes less than a minute, and you can do it from your phone. It's also where you'll get a nice little hit of dopamine as a reward for putting in the work.

We used a public accountability system to track progress.

  • Each day you take action toward developing your new habit(s), you get a ✅
  • Miss a day and you get an ❌

You won't get kicked out for missing a day, but you will be greeted with🍦emojis. For being soft.

All good; get back on the horse and start over. The ultimate goal is 100 days straight, we just go 30 at a time.

You can do anything for 30 days. And if you can do something for 30 days, you can do 100.

If you can do 100, you've just built a new habit 🤝

Q: Why do you charge monthly?

Building habits is similar to building muscle. You wouldn't go to the gym for one month and call it a wrap.

Think of the Soft30 community like your gym, for building habits.

And when you've reached the point where you feel like you can now do it on your own, you're free to go. Mission accomplished. You can cancel at anytime.

Q: What happens if you make it to 100 days straight?

  • You will be officially inducted into the Soft30 Hall of Fame, and given the official title of #NotSoft.
  • You'll be given the ability to create your own monthly challenges, and earn 25% of the monthly revenues for everyone who joins your program.
  • And the opportunity to purchase the elusive '#NotSoft' Soft30 swag.

Cancel anytime. No refunds.

Building habits is hard. But part of the reason this system works is because you have some skin ($) in the game. If you weren't able to make it all 30 days this month, brush yourself off and try again. Learn from your mistakes, and grow from them.

Last updated Nov 28, 2023

You'll join a community of people working towards similar goals. You're doing it for you, but you're not doing it alone. Join the Soft30 community now.

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Soft30 Accountability Community

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